With Italian craftsmanship and German engineering, we are committed to innovative designing great functionality with minute detailing, quality and customer satisfaction.
One of the biggest Infrastructure & Network. Sogno assures a very strong & quick response to post sale service
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Career at Sogno

Career at Sogno defines the vast range of job opportunities for talented professionals who can take pride in working hard by going extra miles to nurture the organizational goals.

In Sogno family , you’ll find positive work environment, passion, encouragement, co-operation which helps to motivate team and enhance their knowledge , that bring success to the organization and a high level of growth in their career.

To be a part Sogno family u can browse through our following job areas


Work Areas

Sogno aims at placing the right talent at right place for the smooth functioning of the organization to achieve its goals. For this we are looking for the best and dedicated team to work with us ,weather in the field of sales, marketing & designing or in the head office department of IT ,finance or procurement . Sogno defines a vast range of job area for which u can browse as under


With the globalization IT has become the backbone of every industry and at Sogno it is a need to streamline all work in progress and simplify all work areas. This in turn increases productivity which ultimately gives rise to profits that means better pay and less strenuous working conditions.

Customer Service

At sogno we offer High quality customer service that helps to create customer loyalty, By not only offering the product but by adding all the additional elements of service that they expect from us .

Quality Control

SOGNO quality control team goal has always been to guarantee the highest possible quality by research into design.


Our sales team at Sogno bridges the direct contact with the customer by personally interacting them about their needs and they are trained to provide all available information


Sogno administration includes, general co-ordination of various functions like from Planning ,organizing and maintenance of office and factories, to administrative control on other department by delegating work and workload doing the planning.

Interior Design

At sogno we have specialized team of creative interior designer who are able to apply the science of human behavior to design a product that maximizes the ability of the space to serve its intended function, thereby considering the efficiency, functionality and safety of the product.

Creative & Designing

At sogno we have dedicated and creative team of designers who can think creatively to produce new ideas and concepts by using innovation to redefine a design which have a high visual impact on the client.


The main function of the procurement department at sogno is to procure materials economically at a cost consistent with the quality and service required by selecting the right vendors and ensuring the continuity of work flow by maintaining the right level of stock


Jobs Available

How to apply

Applying for a job at Sogno


Fill the form to find the Job of your Interest.


Upload your cover letter & CV with relevant information with photograph.


Will inform you once receive your application and get back to you within 30 working days.

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