With Italian craftsmanship and German engineering, we are committed to innovative designing great functionality with minute detailing, quality and customer satisfaction.
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A Sogno started taking shape at the turn of the event industry. A young mechanical engineering graduate encounters the event industry and he realized the fact that in India Event Production, which is the backbone of every event, is considered the least important. He takes up the responsibility to make this sector organized and utilize the best talent to provide the most efficient services to the event & retail industry. Thus, was born the Dream Factory in 2003 as a natural evolution and a new important chapter of a great Indian business epic characterized by an unlimited creativity.

sogno Histoy


The platform for Sogno was already established way back in the year 2003 by the name of Dream Factory as a Production House. Dream Factory started its journey from the grass root level and today is a name to reckon with and the first choice with precise quality, timing & integrity.

With our tremendous growth in the field of production, for over decades, the same lines in the year 2007 were utilized in setting up another benchmark in the field of retail,by the name of Vertical Limit - providing turnkey production services to Top Retail Brand .Today , we can proudly announce that with our quality & timely deliverable we are the only preferred associates with our Clients serving them for past so many years.

So with the growing magnitude, its the need of the hour to define each profile separately and monitor it precisely, where each unit provides a close support to each other. And to create a benchmark and desire for innovation and creativity. Sogno is established in the year 2010 with a mission to create an essence of need in every home, whether it is a kitchen wardrobe or a contemporary furniture. Now we are reaching unparalleled heights with our modular kitchens in Delhi-NCR, Italian sofa in Delhi-NCR & Customized furniture in Delhi-NCR. . 

sogno Concept


At Sogno, our team of designers consider all rich details of different textures, colors & shapes from very uncommon patterns of flowers, branches of trees, leaves, twigs, roots and variety that nature offers.

With this amazing perspective, we even draw inspiration from unique shape of water droplets over leaves in rainy season & transforming it into an innovative product.

By observing at home & its surroundings, we offer Italian furniture with the unique glimpse of mother nature which brings matter to life.

sogno vission&mission

Vision & Mission

Sogno Focuses on Innovative designs & Detailing, Quality commitment and customer satisfaction through :

Innovative Designs & Detailing of each product as each product is conceived & created with pioneering skills and Ceaseless passion of designers and artisan which give birth to a innovative and unique product by considering the detailing and functionality of each designed product.

Quality Commitment As Each piece of Sogno is created with immense care and exquisite artisan skill which strives for the excellence in quality, functionality and uniqueness of each product.

Consumer satisfaction

Sogno primarily focuses on consumer satisfaction by understanding the consumer demand and transforming their product with a touch of graceful elegance & delicate sophistication with the focus on their luxury, lifestyle and comfort.

We burgeoned with designer furniture in Delhi-NCR and now have come a long way since then, to our multi-city presence and soon will be the most renowned organisation across globe. So, we will keep listening to you, guiding you and always seek best solution for you.

sogno resources


Sogno believes a good delivery starts with the team who deliver it. Our people are carefully chosen and meticulously trained. They are passionate about their work, which manifests itself in our dynamic fields.

We at Sogno are an innovative and enthusiastic team of 500+ experienced professionals based in Delhi – Bangalore – Mumbai – Chennai – Hyderabad – Kolkata, working day and night for a common objective i.e. customer satisfaction providing complete designing & production assistance to the business of events, exhibitions, media, retail & interiors, with nine years of experience in event production.

We ensure and convert all your creative dreams into reality.

sogno team


With more than 500 experienced professionals as well as designers, more than 150 lac sq. ft of workspace and studios, Sogno is a proud owner of its outlets at Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Kolkota. Working 24X7 for fulfilling the three promises evidently, Sogno designers and producers move ahead everyday with zest and zeal.


Vinay Choudhary: A Dream started taking shape at the turn of the Interior Space. Young mechanical engineering encounters the Interior Structure for Exhibitions & Events followed by the Interiors of Commercial & Institutional Space & Luxury Residential Segment. He realized the fact that in India the complete Interior Space, which is left unorganized, is the real backbone. So, with his amazing fusion of technology and creativity as his driving force, he takes up the responsibility to make this most potential sector organize and utilize the best talent & technology to provide the most efficient services to this industry. Thus, was born the DREAM FACTORY.

The mind behind planning, Team Building and future expansions. Now after 13 years of dedication under his vision, strong leadership & strategic planning, he has set new standards & expanded remarkably in the fields Event Production, Exhibition, Retail Fixtures & Italian Bespoke Interiors for the top-notch client with German Machineries & Italian Craftsmanship we have even crossed the level of perfection and maintaining universal standards across India.

Prashant Singh Panwar: A pharmacy graduate, the Technical Wizard- suggests faster ways of functioning. From medicines to events, knows the life saving measures and its importance. With good strategic and operational experience with proven track record of success evidenced by continually improving both top line and bottom line, leveraging a unique blend of business acumen, financial planning, commercial, administration and people management skills. With his unparalleled commitment and eye for detail, he has effectively carved out a new path of progress for the organization.

Pooja Choudhary:After gaining a knack for strategic running of company’s affairs with brief stint as concept developer for Dream Factory her real talent was set to take center stage with the advent of Sogno. With operational experience in hand there was no stopping for her to exploit her passion for interior and gift it to the world in the form of every household’s luxury. After years of tottering around globe especially Europe to understand different art forms, her enriched vision is now getting successfully manifested in the form of high end luxury interiors.

Having broken the barriers of the typical Indian woman she is set to revolutionize the interior industry in the country. With charming wits, an eye of perfectionism, this excellent team player is leading by example her proud team of professionals, which resonate, with nothing but the best in their respective work areas.

sogno infrastructure


Sogno combines the manual skills with the most sophisticated manufacturing and production techniques of industrial kind. We emphasize on highly advanced German engineering & Italian craftsmanship to achieve a top quality product that matches to any international standards.

Our production philosophy is based on research into new materials, functional technical and innovative solutions. In the game of stylistic harmony, elegance meet innovation and design translates ergonomics.

These traits represent today the absolute commitment of a company that wants to maintain its pioneer status by ensuring always the highest customer satisfaction.


We have a skilled & dedicated team of over 500 employees, spread across 6 cities i.e.
Delhi-Mumbai-Bangalore-Hyderabad-Chennai-Kolkata-Bangalore-Mumbai  , working day and night for a common objective, with more than 150 lac sq. ft. workspace, working day and night for a common objective of rigid quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Each craftsman is precise in his own field to ensure and convert all your creative dreams into reality with our mega factory providing Luxury furniture in Delhi/NCR.


Dream Factory Manufacture

sogno Social

Social & Environment

We work to develop those competencies and processes, and to implement initiatives that take responsibility for the people and the environment.
In generic way our ambition is to manufacture products with as microscopic impact on the environment as possible. We continuously strive to make environmental improvements in the production methodologies.

Our vision is to have a positive impact on people and the planet. For now years we have focused on economizing with resources and doing our part to create a better everyday life for people.

We have been making more out of less; its part of our legacy. We are also very contemplated turning waste into resources.

But we are not done yet. We are just warming up

sogno location

Plot No.3, Sec- 21A
Mobile: 08467841110,08470018880
Email: delhi@sogno.in

Apeejay Compound, Shed- 1 & 2, Milestone
23-5, Sec- 25, Mathura Road, Ballabgarh
Faridabad- 121004
Mobile: 08470017770
Email: delhi@sogno.in

19th Cross Kanka Nagar, R.T. Nagar
Post Behind Kalyan Mantappa, Bangalore- 560032
Mobile: 09350441110
Email: bangalore@sogno.in

No. 5, Maharashtra Compound, Near
Hanuman Mandir, Mankhurd Link Road
Deonar, Mumbai- 400043
Mobile: 09320315550
Email: mumbai@sogno.in

No.180, Bhartidasan Street Agaramthen
Village Chennai- 600073
Mobile: 08470017770
Email: chennai@sogno.in

Benepool, Opp. Toyota Showroom Budge Budge Road
Maheshtalla 24 Paragana South, Kolkata- 700141
Mobile: 07042141110
Email: kolkata@sogno.in

Plot No. A- 28-1-1 Road 15, IDA Behind GVK Bio
Nacharam Industrial Hyderabad- 500076
Mobile: 08470091110
Email: hyderabad@sogno.in

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