With Italian craftsmanship and German engineering, we are committed to innovative designing great functionality with minute detailing, quality and customer satisfaction.
One of the biggest Infrastructure & Network. Sogno assures a very strong & quick response to post sale service
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At Sogno we deliver our best services, proposing assorted range of Italian Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes and Bespoke Italian Furniture.

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Mobile: 08470018880

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Mobile: 08470018880

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What type of finishes u can provide ?

Sogno offer the most adaptable and premium finishes to choose from real wood Veneers to high gloss lacquer in all RAL colors or solid wood and Laminates for your Wardrobes and Kitchen. We also offer elaborate gold and silver leaf detailing with embossed swarovski or horn inlays for any of you bespoke furniture & Interiors

Can my product be customized ?

Yes, your product can be customized according to your size, need, shape and color. Our vast facilities give us the flexibility, to propose superb customized service and produce the product according to your specifications and requirement. You can also provide us with your leather or fabric for all your upholstery product, sofas, headboard, dinning chairs of your choice or u can choose from the swatches of our collection of few selected premium furnishing stores.

How much time my product will take to deliver?

Depends on the type of product u have choose to ordered, normally it takes 30 to 45 days to ready the product, also depends on the material sourcing and type of detailing required in the product which may increase its production time.

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Sogno Services

Sogno unites manual craftsmanship with the most refined manufacturing techniques of industrial kind. We accentuate on highly advanced German engineering & Italian craftsmanship to reach high quality product that matches international standards. Our production genetics is based on research on new materials, techniques and advanced solutions. In the game of esthetic harmony, grace meet innovation and design transforms ergonomics. We have a skilled & dedicated team of over 500 employees, extent across 6 cities, with more than 2 lac sq. ft. workspace, working day night for a common goal of uncompromised quality assurance. These qualities represent today the unconditional commitment of a company that wants to retain its pioneer position by ensuring always the highest customer satisfaction.

Designing-  From perception to completion, the company takes a exceptional approach to design, surpassing modern and conventional boundaries and winding up in an rapidly unique look. Our designer at Sogno gives plenty space for ideas and suggestions and thereby creating a product with great sophistication as per customer satisfaction.

Kitchens-  Sogno is dedicated to produce aesthetically modular Italian, but practically Indian Kitchens. At the same time keeping in mind the Indian climatic conditions, cooking lifestyles, and ideal space utility making it more operation friendly.

-  Our Closets are made of tactical surfaces and natural feeling with the appeal of wood from high gloss to lacquered glass finish provide more choice, making our closets even steady and simpler to install with more eco-friendly.

-  Our vanities collection are the combination of the bent of style, color pattern & modularity that converts the washroom into exclusive and peculiar place with fresh, young & enhanced environment to suit the clients extremely varied palates.

-  Sogno Sofa’s soft and comfy designs just ensure that nothing comes between your relationship. From those chilling parties to lazy snack crunching times, we recognize that your sofa is your companion.

Customise Furniture
- Since every home is unique dimension in which functional needs combine with emotions, empathy & independent tastes. Sogno’s vast workshops & design hub gives the flexibility to our prestigious clients to visualize out of box and can be achieved to their exact requirements. We at sogno works together on every feature of the product from the concept to design and then to the materials selection so, we provide our customers flexibility to elevate the ambience of their home.

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Quality & Commitment

  • Sogno is dedicated to the maximum level of product quality and safety. All the processes are subjected to across-the-board management system, which conforms with global environmental standards and maintain world class quality. We are equipped with highly advanced Germen machineries & skilled team, which helps us guarantee international quality standards.
  • We are equipped with highly advanced Germen machineries & skilled team, which helps us guarantee international quality standards.

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